An integrated all-Australian solution to maritime sustainment

A Low-Risk Capability Delivered through Experienced Providers

NORSTA Maritime Pty Ltd is an Australian-owned and controlled maritime enterprise, comprising of Norship Marine and Tropical Reef Shipyard.

The broader Team NORSTA is supported by trusted partners, including Nova Systems and SECORA Australasia making this a genuine Australian owned and controlled team with proven track records in maintenance and sustainment services to the Department of Defence.

A new approach specifically designed to meet Plan Galileo objectives

NORSTA is a key partner to the Department of Defence to support a new approach in maritime sustainment – the development of the Regional Maintenance Centre North-East, which is part of a national network of Regional Maintenance Centres strategically located around the country.

As the first Regional Maintenance Provider supporting the Royal Australian Navy’s growing fleet, NORSTA has the proven capability and capacity to assist in building a sovereign sustainment capability and delivering on Plan Galileo.

Regional Focus

  • Long established and invested in the region and local community. NORSTA leverages its local understanding and networks to offer a genuine pathway to achieve a robust and resilient Defence Industry capability.
  • Long history of supporting small to medium sized regional businesses. NORSTA has access to more than 250 proven regional suppliers.
  • Access to high value established maritime infrastructure. NORSTA has direct access to the largest slipway capacity and services in northern Australia to support the Royal Australian Navy.
  • Established history of working with the regional and local workforce. NORSTA has experience in working with a highly skilled, year-round permanent local maritime workforce. It also has history of investing in training and upskilling to evolve and develop the workforce and provide career progression opportunities.

The Cairns Marine Precinct
Cairns, Far North Queensland, Australia

Cairns has a long and proud maritime history with proven capability in ship maintenance and sustainment and is one of the largest ports in Australia.

Image supplied by Far North Queensland Ports Corporation ( Ports North)

Cairns has a long and proud maritime history with proven capability in ship maintenance and sustainment and is one of the largest ports in Australia.

As one of the most northern and largest seaports in Australia, Cairns hosts three major shipyards, including NORSHIP Marine, Tropical Reef Shipyard and Austal Australia which are supported by a highly capable supply chain employing more than 4,600 skilled, year-round permanent marine and engineering personnel.

The Cairns Marine Precinct plays an integral role in the broader operations and activities undertaken at the Port of Cairns. It accommodates a world-class maritime services industry with proven maritime maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) capabilities for commercial, Defence and recreational industries across Australia and internationally. It services approximately 15 per cent of all Australian registered vessels and close to 80 per cent of all North Queensland registered vessels over 15 metres.

Cairns and its Cairns Marine Precinct is an important strategic location and regional area for Australia’s security, supporting fleets passing through the Indo-Pacific Ocean and Coral Sea. It has a deep and significant relationship with the Department of Defence with a long history of providing sustainment, maintenance, refit, and repair services to the Royal Australian Navy as well as supporting regular visits by both Australian and foreign warships. It is also the location of The Royal Australian Navy’s HMAS Cairns, and Regional Maintenance Centre (RMC) North-East which is now operational in Cairns and is the first of four new Regional Maintenance Centres that are strategically located across Australia.

It also has impressive maritime training capabilities such as The Great Barrier Reef International Marine College ( GBRIMC) which provides innovative training solutions to support the Maritime and Defence Industries as well as neighbouring Pacific Island nations.

An Enterprise Approach

Focusing on regional industry capability and capacity development through collaboration with key stakeholders to encourage local industry participation, facilitating the transfer of technology and knowledge, workforce development and enabling infrastructure.

NORSTA and its Enterprise Approach brings a range of benefits to delivering maritime sustainment and maintenance and support services.

Enterprise Behaviours & Engagement

Best approach, engaging and unifying all stakeholders)

Supply Chain Capability

Support/ mentor SMEs, identify opportunities, build resilience & capacity, identify grants/ assistance opportunities for SME’s.

Subcontractor Management​

Access to facilities, support/ mentor, identify opportunities, skilling, compliance assistance, prequalify suppliers, utilise technology to reduce paperwork load​

Technologies & Skills Development

Assist in accessing emerging technologies, identify skills/ technology development opportunities, micro credential upskilling, knowledge transfer through OEM opportunities.

Industry Support

Leverage relationships to access opportunities for SME’s, assist in developing SME business development, systems and compliance.

Equal Opportunity

Build participation & diversity in regional industry, indigenous, female, veterans, disabled, minority groups, community groups, open/ transparent.

Commonwealth Workforce

Assist Commonwealth achieve Technical & Professional Mastery


Be transparent & inclusive with all stakeholders

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