The NORSTA Story

NORSTA Maritime Pty Ltd is an Australian-owned and controlled maritime enterprise, comprising of Norship Marine and Tropical Reef Shipyard, both recognised leaders in the Australian maritime industry. They boast a proven history of delivering maintenance and sustainment services to both Defence and Commercial clients.

The broader Team NORSTA is supported by trusted partners, including Nova Systems and SECORA Australasia. This collective strength ensures a genuinely Australian-owned and -controlled team that excels in providing scalable sustainment services. In collaboration with the Department of Defence, they actively support the implementation of Plan Galileo.

NORSTA as the Regional Maintenance Provider Northeast (RMP NE) to the Regional Maintenance Centre Northeast (RMC NE) delivers management and technical services in maritime sustainment at scale for North-Eastern Australia.

Our Focus

Our focus is on managing and coordinating suppliers and local workforce to deliver a multi-year maritime sustainment and maintenance support program on behalf of the Royal Australian Navy.

To support this work, NORSTA is working with the local community to source and build local industry capability.

We need a strong and growing local industry to support the maintenance of visiting Naval ships.

A local workforce with the right skills is required to support the servicing of modern classes of ships and growing fleet size with cutting-edge technology.

Our advanced maritime sustainment planning will coordinate fleet maintenance at scale across Far North Queensland, including Northern Australia and adjacent waters.

Our Plan

We will be working with local suppliers to schedule major and minor works for many vessels through each year of the program.

Under Plan Galileo, the Department of Defence is focusing naval sustainment on a network of Regional Maintenance Centres (RMCs) strategically located around the country in port cities.

The first such centre is RMC-North East, which is located in Cairns, Far North Queensland, is being developed and managed by NORSTA working in collaboration with the Commonwealth.

A few things we’re great at

Our Sovereign organisation demonstrates an existing commitment to our region, relationships local industry and work force. Coupled with access to our dedicated infrastructure, we are well positioned to accelerate naval sustainment services throughout the region.


Regional Focus (long established/ invested in region, trusted, committed to the region and community)​. Long history of supporting small regional businesses. Unique insight into regional maritime infrastructure development​.


Ability to provide access to high-value, accessible and established infrastructure​.


Established relationships between Defence, industry, education and training, Local, State and Federal Governments, Original Equipment Manufacturers, other agencies and organisations– (facilitates Enterprise Culture/ Behaviours).


Long history of investing the regional workforce, training in excess of 200 local apprentices. Establishment of a dedicated Maritime Enterprise Development organisation to focus purely on regional capability and capacity development​. Providing SME mentoring and support. Assisting SMEs in developing systems, knowledge, workforce capability and access to Defence work.

Our Team

NORSTA is led by a senior commercial and program management team with extensive Department of Defence contract and maritime industry experience.

The wider management group includes highly capable, experienced, and committed individuals with significant finance, governance and corporate administration experience.

Located locally in Portsmith, Cairns, Far North Queensland, the Team is committed to support the hands-on growth of the Far North Queensland maritime sustainment and maintenance support industry.

The Leadership Team is supported by the Board which has significant industry advisory expertise and experience.

Maurie McNarn AO

Independent Chair

Andrew Harrison


Jeff Phillips


Marino Angelini


Darren Turner


Joann Pyne

Education and Community Advisor

Our Partners

NORSTA Maritime Pty Ltd (NORSTA)

NORSTA is an Australian owned and controlled Australian Maritime business comprising of Norship Marine and Tropical Reef Shipyard. The broader Team NORSTA includes Nova Systems and Secora Australasia, making this a genuine Australian owned and controlled team delivering sustainment services at scale.

Norship Marine 

Norship Marine is a diversified, privately owned and operated company, owned by the Varley Group, with a 70-year heritage across maritime, shipbuilding and engineering industries. Norship delivers services across Australia and the South Pacific from two permanent sites in Cairns and Darwin. It offers the full spectrum of Shipyard and ‘Through Life Asset Management Services’; from concept, design, prototype, construction, and maintenance support through to docking, emergent repairs, complete refits, and disposals.

Tropical Reef Shipyard 

Tropical Reef Shipyard is based in Cairns and is a privately owned Australian company employing up to 150 personnel. Established in 1977, the shipyard offers a comprehensive range of ship repair services through its own staff and extensive supplier network. Tropical Reef Shipyard is fully accredited to ISO 9001:2015 and is committed to providing a high quality, secure, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective refit venue.

Nova Systems 

Nova Systems is a 100% Australian owned professional service provider, specialising in the provision of engineering, management, and technology solutions. Nova clients are provided with world class independent expertise in the delivery of complex projects. Nova has an Australian workforce of 660 employees and engages an additional 320 local supply chain partners throughout the country, creating and supporting thousands of jobs.

SECORA Australasia 

SECORA Australasia is an Australian entity and global solutions company providing asset management and business improvement and performance services. It has worked closely with navies and commercial marine businesses around the globe. Service delivery covers cost-effective maritime maintenance, providing solutions that leverage technology and enhance maritime logistics. Secora has built a strong reputation supporting a range of activities from the technical to the strategic in support of Defence and its mission.

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